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Our gun problem.

I don’t really have a whole lot to say on the subject, The U.S. has a gun problem and the evidence makes it overwhelmingly obvious. I guess my only thought is, how do ao many people not realize it? How can so many people fraudulently state that we, the U.S. does not have a gun problem, or that even if we did have a gun problem, we need out guns because it’s a right, not a privilege.

This confuses me… it’s also quite scary, and I wonder, will I need to buy a gun when I move back, just to feel safe around these nut jobs? Will that make me a nut job for buying a gun in the name of safety? I feel that these people don’t understand that their paranoia campaign is actually making the country an unsafe, and unstable environment, how they fail to see that, or even recognise a problem is beyond my comprehension.

Here’s a subreddit that is basically a huge list of gun related incidents with new postings every day, because it just doesn’t stop.

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5 thoughts on “Our gun problem.

  1. Awesome post, i fully agre.

  2. So if guns get banned will rich celebrities and politicians give up theirs?

    • Of course not, neither will the cops, military, or other forms of government/law enforcement officials. I don’t believe guns should be outright banned anyway. I actually do like guns for recreational, and hunting purposes, and if it comes down to it, protection. However I do think background checks need to be stricter because even though gun ownership is in the Bill of Rights, I think in modern times, gun ownership should also be thought of as a privilege that you can lose. Responsibility is also key, I think safety courses should be mandatory.

      If none of that works, and we still have mass shootings everyday, then… i don’t know what the hell to do, but right now this is the case and we have to do something to fix it.

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