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March Against Monsanto Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the global March against Monsanto. I will be attending the March here in Rome Italy, I hope everyone gets out and joins the local marches in their area. 

This is important, this is something that everyone should care about worldwide, the food that we eat that is supposed to give us nourishment, the environment we live in that isn’t supposed to be poisoned, The small farmers who have been put out of business and sued by Monsanto, and companies like Monsanto. These are the things everyone should care about, and if you haven’t asked yourself this question yet, it’s time to ask this question; “Since when is it okay for our food to be owned and controlled by a major chemical manufacturer?” That in itself should have you outraged, this isn’t just about corporations, this is about long term health of humans, animals, plants, water, air…. the over all ecosystem that we to rely on to survive. 

Say NO to Frankenfoods! Stand up for what’s right and get out to a march tomorrow, in your local city, at 2pm! 

Here’s a link to event info.

Here’s a video: (There are tons of videos online, everywhere, check out the other ones too)

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2 thoughts on “March Against Monsanto Tomorrow

  1. Did i (poorly) follow the news correctly that this actually worked?

    • I’m not sure if the marches had any effect on policy. I know some states are taking votes to require labeling of GMO foods, but I don’t think any actual regulations have been put into place.

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