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I’ll have more to say about this later on tonight, or tomorrow sometime when I have more time to type out some thoughts. I feel a good ol rant coming on. And come to think of it, during the election I had a lot to say about the republicans and their BS, but I have a serious lack of writing (at least here) about the Obama admin, I think that’s because I honestly felt like the first half of the first round wasn’t so bad, (minus the bank bailout, still pissed about that)  then I got caught up and distracted with the election just like so many others, and I didn’t have much focus on the BS being carried out by the current administration, the social issues being used as a distraction from other issues, for example.  I guess I figured that they would follow through with the things they said they would do, for some stupid reason,  like closing GitMo, or doing away with the Patriot act, neither of those happened, and that pisses me off to no end, But this… THIS use of drones on American citizens to too fucking much. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? What happened to trials? I guess with how broke the country is they decided why bother with costly trials just blow um up with drones, I’m sure it’s easier and cheaper to treat us all like terrorists, to treat us like the enemy… Yeah.. way better.. way cheaper to shoot first and maybe ask questions later if it’s in the budget right? And don’t any of you for a second think that this wouldn’t be happening right now if Romney was elected, it would still be happening, it doesn’t mater what party is in office, they are all the same. Anyway.. more on this later, I have some social activities to attend to tonight. 

Here’s some reading material. 

“On Thursday, Pres. Obama signed the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, a bill that the Federal Aviation Administration’s AnneMarie Ternay describes as containing requirements for integrating unmanned aircraft systems and vehicles such as drones into the national airspace starting immediately.

With the president’s approval this week, the FAA has already begun soliciting proposals from cities across the country that are interested in becoming one of six soon-to-be established test sites where drones and UAVs will be sent into the sky as America takes the next step towards accepting the latest generation of aircraft.

The FAA says that locations in over 30 states have already showed interest in the program. Soon the agency will be tasked with picking a mere half-dozen locations so that drones can formally be introduced into official US airspace and not just strips of sky above designated areas.”

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  1. Well said. And i agree.

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