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Do not listen to THEM

Don’t let them tell you it isn’t important. Don’t let them tell you it isn’t worth fighting for. Don’t let them tell you that by fighting for what you believe in you aren’t acting your age.

From a young age they tell you that you have no rights until you’re an adult, they tell you, that you can’t speak your mind, do as you’re told, don’t question “my” authority. Follow the rules no matter how stupid they may be. They tell you your opinion doesn’t matter because you’re too young, there is no way you could know what you are talking about, because you are so young, you haven’t lived as much as they have.

Once you are an adult, it still doesn’t matter, your opinions don’t mater. You’re still “too young” to know what you are talking about. You’re just acting like a kid, you’re an adult now. Once you hit your 20’s you’d think people would listen to what you have to say, but they still don’t, if you try and stick up for what you believe in, everyone will tell you to just “let it go”, “you’re an adult now, stop acting like a rebellious teenager”, “grow up already”. Why do you focus on things that “don’t mater”, and then these dreadful phrases start popping up out of the mouths of your peers, “what do you expect to do about it”, “You can’t change the way things are”, “You’re wasting your time”.

On the TeeVee they demonize any activist, unless it’s someone mad about a TeeVee show! Look what they did to OWS, Look what they did to the WTO protests in Seattle, look what they do to all the protests, all the activists, they turn them onto criminals, and focus on a small group of people who riot, or cause trouble, and ignore the message, they stomp on that message until it dies.They will beat you down, and beat you down, and beat you down until even you start to think “what’s the point, what can I do” They will fill you with feelings of helplessness, and hopelessness, until you also believe that the people who are younger than you are wasting their time, their energy, on something that they couldn’t possibly change. I mean, look at these kids today, fighting against the banks, fighting against the war, pissed off about income inequality, pissed off about unemployment, pissed off at the cost of living. I mean who do they think they are going to get through to, look at how they riot and shit in public parks, the TeeVee told us we should hate these mooching kids, these welfare babies, these silver spoon fed mommas boys, because that’s who the pissed off youth is, a bunch of rich kids living off daddy’s money, right? That’s what the TeeVee said; the TeeVee told me that sticking up for my rights is a waste of time, sticking up for myself is a waste of time. The TeeVee told me that the adult thing to do is to sit down, shut the fuck up, zone out, and stop caring.  Living pay check to pay check is normal, living in poverty is just a way of life for some people, being arrested for protesting, being beaten for protesting, is normal, so you better not even risk the injury. Not being able to afford medical care is normal. Stop complaining, and be productive. BUY MORE SHIT, the economy is bad, BECAUSE OF YOU, for not buying more shit!  Be a productive member of society by doing what you are told, don’t rock the boat, and don’t BITE the hand the FEEDS YOU!  Blend in, don’t bring attention to yourself, It’s not worth the trouble that it will cause, Sit Down, and Shut UP! 

NO! Don’t listen to them! Don’t ever lose the fight; don’t ever let that little fire inside go out. Don’t let them tell you it’s a waste of time, it is never a waste of time. Whatever it is you want to fight for is worth fighting for. Never let anyone tell you any different. 

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3 thoughts on “Do not listen to THEM

  1. Can I please put this in my zine when I finally make it?

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