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Treat the disease, not the symptom

Here’s my thought of the day. When a person has a cancer, we treat and kill the cancer, we don’t only treat the symptoms. When a society has a cancer, we ignore it and focus only on the symptoms of the disease. We are the problem, we are the disease, look at how quick everyone jumped on their social networks to post about the disease, the media will be quick to turn the disease into a martyr so the next infected person will get that seed planted in their little pink heads, that media seed of fame, the idea their name will live on forever, while the victims fade into obscurity. That seed is the disease, and we plant it every time we sensationalize tragic events.

*More on this thought later*

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One thought on “Treat the disease, not the symptom

  1. Great point. The way we sensationalize violence, especially mass murder, in the media is occasionally a topic of mention but never one of real, insightful or investigative discussion and debate. Our glorification of infamy is a big part of the problem.

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